Magna Derma Solutions provides permanent hair removal solutions, using Electrolysis and/or Laser. The service is provided by Marnie, a fully certified Electrologist and Laser Tech who has been providing permanent hair removal solutions to clients since 2009.

What is Electrolysis?‚Äč

Electrolysis is a method used to permanently remove unwanted hair individually from the face or body. This is achieved by applying a small amount of electrical energy to the root of the hair eventually stopping growth. 
The energy is carefully transferred into the natural opening of the hair follicle using a stainless steel probe the size of the hair itself by a trained technician. 

Marnie takes pride in her work, wanting to make people feel comfortable and at ease, using humor and empathy with a topic that sometimes can be considered embarrassing. She provides the use of freezing creams, magnification Loupes for fine vellus hairs and her own personal understanding of hair issues. Marnie looks forward to seeing you and discussing all options for hair removal in order for you to make the best decision for you. 

About Marnie, in her own words...

‚ÄčEver since puberty hit, I have had an interest in removing hair! Thick or fine, dark or light, red or grey, you name the hair, I will try to remove it. Having used almost every method known to humans to remove hair and not having a lot of success, I used my science degree to research permanent solutions and came across some scientifically sound methods such as Electrolysis and Laser. Unfortunately I also came across some other methods that claimed permanence but were fraudulent.  When given the chance, I love to discuss all hair removal methods good or bad! I'm also just as interested to hear of new hair removal methods on the market and will be glad to research them for you.  I have had success with both Electrolysis and Laser for hair woes and was impressed with each, finding both had their own pros and cons. I was so impressed, I made the decision to remove hair permanently for a living!