Frequently Asked Questions

2. How many hairs will be treated in one session?
The amount of hairs treated in one session depends on a number of factors:

  • Treatment time - The longer the time booked for removal, the more hairs are removed, and the average treatment time is one hour.
  • Sensitivity of the skin - Once the freezing on an upper lip is gone, I stop removing hairs unless the client requests otherwise. Each client is slightly different with the timing required for the area to remain frozen but most people can handle 15 minutes of work on their upper lip.
  • Density of the hair growth - dense areas take longer to clear all the hair. At times its best for the skin to only remove 50% of the hairs. The best strategy can be discussed during consultation.
  • Method of removal - If using the Blend method to remove hair, each hair can take up to 10 seconds to apply the treatment. If using Thermolysis it can take one to two seconds. Therefore Blend method can take longer to clear an area.