Frequently Asked Questions

11.I have been having treatment for a few months and I seem to have more hairs than I did before I started, why?

When a client has been removing unwanted hairs for as much as up to twice a day, they think in the next few days or weeks that the same hairs are growing back and being removed. This is not the case. They are new hairs, as a life cycle of a hair can be from several weeks to months depending on the area. Therefore when that client starts electrolysis treatment and is asked to stop removing the hair daily, so it can be removed by an electrologist, they finally see the full extent of their hair growth issues. So when a few months have gone by and they have only had a few treatments they think the hair is getting worse, but in fact they are now seeing the hairs they themselves removed a few weeks or months previous. Do not despair! It just takes time to get around to treating each hair in the anagen or growth phase for progress to be made. Please see question 4 for more detail.